Creating a simple Vector image With Photoshop – English

ssalamualaikum Wr.Wb

for the first step, what we need prepare to make a Simple vectore Image in photo shop is :

1. We Photo ( maybe u have your Single Photo / are maybe u have a photo where you got the good style or Narsis maybe )

2. U need Photo Shop shofware with license, or maybe u can Download in internet without license ( tray to fine this in google ) or maybe you use a free software like a gimp ( same sofware in Linux , this is a open souce sofware when u can get free this with download in internet )

And that for first stap i will show you my result to you all…. before and after i tyr to change this to be a Vector Image….


First , Open Your Photo Shop , and than

1. try to make a new Paper ( with Ctrl + N ), than click and drag your photo to those paper ( import what kind image are u wont take to be a vector image to Photo Shop , try use CTRL + i )


Ok… now we are will playig with PAINTOOLS :

What is Paintools , Paintoosl is a some for anysome tools in Photoshop, tools with a pen image it’s is a have a simple logica, you can make a some object (layer) with use this tools, you just need to click in some place ( to start make some object ) and than u just must make a some sign in other place to with click the mouse after and after, and use clik and drag to make a beautifull sag line, and than u can return with make other sign in other place with foolow your object, and don’t forget to close your object with fine the first sign with your last sign ( on this part it was have some effect in coloritation oin other part ).
After your close you layer ( object ), with Automatise your object will be have a some color, than with automatise to,you has be make a some new layer,

exect : paintools image , and layer image in Photo Shop
.. ..

Oke…. now lets we are start make we first layer, using a paintools, when we start with from a design face.

1. we can start make a layer ( face obyek ) with follow the form face from the image , it has make a some facilitites when it’s very helping in this part ,a we can make a some layer with folow the picture.

2. Try to make layer appropriate like a form disign face in picture, becouse it’s will effect the result in finishing this image ( maybe this vector will be same like your photo / your face , or maybe it’s realy Uggly, when u not grant than it’s is a your face.. hehehehehe…. ).

hmm. this picture is a result a some layer when a have try to make,

This is a some example, when first we must to make a some sign in some corner in form design face, when the red color is time you to once click the mouse, and in some time when you need a sag line ( a blue color ), u just need to click and drag your mouse ( click andthan move with snowly ) , and try to meet the first sign with a sign finishes. andthan your first layer is to be finist.

Thertly Stept ;

Make a other layer :

when, after we are has a finished with face, so we need to make a new propety in we face, like a nows, eye, ears, and mount .

now we would to try make a eyebrows….

before we start to make a eyebrows. we need to minim the opacity in first layer ( layer face ), so we can see a picture when the place in beside first layer. it’s very helpfull in starting drawing a eyebrows.

this is a example ;

to configure the OPACITY, the step is, click the layer when you chose to pacity, the u can to trty playing with opacity.

after is over you see the backgrounnd, now we start playing paintools again, now we make a some eyebrows, try to create eyebrows like your face. this is for waht a like your fininsing vector.

after your finishing with the eyebrow. now we will playing with colooritation,
with double click in box, in behind layer.

nahh.. lets we return with make a other layer, make the layer like a properties in your face.

STEP THREE (Make the other Layer)

Create the eye

after we make the eye layer with paintools, so we must use a stroke effect , this is use for make eye like real, so we can see more reality in this vectore picture.

Create Mount and Nose

create the layer nose same as the nose shadow in your face (don’t create your nose with full , just the shdow oke…)

In create the the mounth, create the layer is more smalll than your real mounth , couse is can see more bigger if you create it like your real mounth.

Create The Hair

insert the hair, create the hare same as the polaritation hair in your photo, create the hair with jagged , it use for your picture is like vector , not like CARTOON.

Create Nick
if you create the nick, make the colour is diffrend from your face collour, make the collor more darked from your face collour, but not very diifernd ( maybe u can use the gradiend effect , make this just for get picture more beautifull).

this is The example after i am create my vector image. where we just need to soft the layer, exspecialy in colloring picture, and than disable the backgroun , for u can see all your finisihing with well.

Step Four (Insert the body)

Its time to create th body,……

Step Five ( Colloring Picture)

This is a HArdly step, maybe i will explain in the new edition , if you smart plaaying with Photoshop. maybe u can use the gradient effect , this is for colloring like a reality.

Maybe my suggest, i am just use a stroke effect and gradien effect, you can use this effect in menu in under layer “where the logo is F in inside silinder”

Oke thank’s maybe we can see in other time..

Assalamualaikum Wr.Wb
yahoo id = vendiaz_cosssin
t3lp0n = 085694397008 (+Djakarta)

Creating a simple Vector image With Photoshop – English

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