Organize PST file storage in Outlook

PST Data file is an open, proprietary file format used to store messages, calendar events, and other items within Microsoft software such as Microsoft Exchange Client, Windows Messaging, and Microsoft Outlook.


Maximum size for PST file is 20GB ONLY.


If the size capacity is approaching the maximum size, PST Data file could easily have problems ( File Corrupt, Lost Data, Slow Load data, Etc). Very troublesome, indeed.


What needs to be done if our PST file obtaining maximum size ?

You will get notification from outlook when you PST file is full. So, you must create new PST Data file before you can receive new E-mail again. But your email is going to be slower if you want to take or load data in old PST because your OLD PST has very large file size. It is also at high risk to get corrupted.


So, Organizing your PST Data ( Email Outlook Storage ) in many / different PST File is a great idea.

You can create a folder and move your email to other PST file corresponding with structure organize folder that you want. That way, you can reduce the size burden from one PST file to another PST. Doing this could massively increase our Outlook email performance.



You can Follow this Detail Instruction if want to organize your PST Data file,


Detail Instruction :




1. Goto Data Management in Menu “File” – > “Data Management”

2. Click “Data File” Tab

3. Click “Add..” to Make File PST



We do this step to make different PST Data file, so we can create and put many folder in different PST file.

Try to create PST name file using Unix name, Like input Date, and your Name.



We can create many PST Data file if needed.
Don’t forget to choose some PST as Defaults.



Step 2 : Create Folder


In “E-mail” Tab, Choose “Change Folder”, and “New Folder” to Make Folder in PST. Or you can create later in left menu outlook at dashboard.




Don’t Forget to choose default path, this will set where new is Email receive will placed.







Go to the Dashboard  in Left Menu, You can manipulate you Email here, ( It’s Easy to Move Email from here, Just Drag and Drop – Move Email to the Right Place)


Note :

  1. Don’t Forget where you create new PST. ( Make Sure in the Right Partition )
  2. Moving Old Folder ( with large size ) to different PST will take a long time ( Be careful, Some time will take effect “ not responding “ ) make sure you have free memory enough.
  3. Create Your Backup Data Email First :D.. hehehe


Organize PST file storage in Outlook

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